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Bidass is a service organization started in 1984 to serve the members. The main objective of Bidass is to supply/provide services to its members (Customers) of Bidass in getting consumables that are used for fabrication and machining at very competitive prices than that, bought from outside supplier by them directly, without any commitment failure.

Bidass is registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. Bidass is represented /Controlled by the board of directors who look after the effective and efficient functioning of the organization.

On the verge of obtaining ISO certification, Bidass continuously strives to achieve and sustain all round excellence by working constantly for members’ satisfaction with its competitive working and its versatile in-house facilities enabling them to supply industrial consumables and Services to meet the members’ requirement, in order to cater their needs from time to time. The members of Bidass are the customers to Bidass.


1. To coordinate the activities of the BHEL Small Scale Industries and act as a Common forum for their benefits.
2. To provide a common production centres for the members to provide jobs and help to reduce unemployment in the area.
3. To educate and improve the members and their workers knowledge in the technology of engineering and Science.
4. To provide a common facility of special equipments for the benefit of members.
5. To distribute essential raw materials and consumables for the members.
6. To help to promote the social cultural activities in the area.
7. To arrange for import of technology form foreign sources for the benefit of members.
8. To act as a liaison for the benefit of members between them and other government bodies and public enterprises.


BIDASS is a group of engineering industries with a turnover of more than Rs.60 million per year. From inception, its expertise is in the manufacture of sophisticated heavy electrical power generation Boiler Components. Thanks to BHEL for disseminating their technical know how to all our member units.

BIDASS has in its fold, machineries, technology, manpower and expertise to handle any engineering turn-key project involving fabrication, machining and civil construction activities.

BIDASS has already stock of raw materials such as mild steel, alloy steel, stainless steel consumables, tools gauges etc., Other facilities such as trucks, trailers, erection material, testing facility such as Radiography magnetic particle inspection, Dye – penetration are also available.

BIDASS stands unique in the service of our nation by housing all the facilities, materials and service, that it can produce very COST EFFECTIVE and QUALITY products. The Board of and other members are themselves in the field if engineering manufacture for more than two decades.

BIDASS is already serving the chemical, petro-chemical refineries, cement industries, sugar industries, power generation, railway etc. BIDASS can also take projects on turn-key basis with Design, detail work-outs and execution of work. This will be again unique, because usually the execution is undertaking by a totally different group.

BIDASS has tie up with Regional Engineering College, School of Energy and school for Quality Management (Bharathidasan University) for tackling problems in the areas of mechanical, chemical and structural engineering and for providing solutions in the areas for providing solutions in the areas of energy conservation and pollution control.

BIDASS as a consortium has a common facility centre, technical library, design and drawing Office, Training Centre and Computer in its anvil and proceeds to go for more sophisticated testing facilities.

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